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New eco-friendly buildings

The city will have at least half a dozen eco-friendly buildings in the next couple of years. Impressive structures like extension of the state legislature complex, secretariat, museum, international convention centre, legislators’ housing complex and employment bhavan would come up by 2015 end.

The extension work of Vidhan Sabha and secretariat is progressing fast. This project includes construction of Vidhan Mandal building in 2,78,042 sq ft area and four secretariat blocks in 2,99,688 sq ft. The Vidhan Sabha building will have a convention centre with the seating capacity for 550 persons. The three conference halls will accommodate 400, 200 and 100 persons, respectively.
This project is being executed by building construction department. It has the landscape of secretariat campus. With the beautification of adjoining lake and parking amenities, state of the art public address system and CCTV cameras, the estimated cost of the structure is Rs174 crore.

Another major structure will be Bihar museum on Bailey Road. It will focus on the heritage and legacy of Bihar. Lord Cultural Resources, Canada, is the consultant for the project which is to cost over Rs400 crore.

The international convention centre would be spread over 12 acres. It will have a convention hall for 5,000 persons, an exhibition hall, and an auditorium for 800 persons, a food court and a landscape area with ‘Sabhyata Dwar’. It will cost around Rs300 crore, said an official.

Another modern housing scheme will be for the MLAs and MLCs spread over 60.79 acres on the western side of Beer Chand Patel Marg. The process of demolishing the present structure would begin soon.

The state government has also decided to develop an eco-friendly ‘Niyojan bhavan’ near Income Tax roundabout on Bailey Road. The building will be designed with horseshoe shaped arches and huge domes.

The proposed judicial training institute has been designed as per the mandated requirement of modern judicial training system. It would be spread over 5.50 acres to the south side of Mahatma Gandhi Setu.

The proposed new police HQ complex has been designed with added facilities of a parade ground and an auditorium on 6.9 acres of land.

The Bihar urban infrastructure development corporation (BUIDCo), a nodal agency for executing urban infrastructure projects in the state, also intends to develop an interstate bus terminus (ISBT) on Patna-Gaya road on a Greenfield site of around 25 acres in the city.



Written by Aprup Adawadkar -Founder President – ‘Paryavaran Pratham’ on Jan 03, 2013.

The title of this article looks little vague as we all have heard about “Long Live -His / Her Kingdom, Dynasty”, but the Earth is there from last millions of years & going to be there for many more centuries, is what we trust! But, is this a real story? ; Or our actions are resulting into her destruction?

This is the question we need to address on war footing basis

The reason behind this is the changing in the climate patterns all over the world, raising temperature of the earth due to Global Warming.
At local levels we observe the change in the climatic seasons every year. Every summer is hotter than the earlier one & so on

The problem is faced by everyone all over the world, despite of caste, creed, age & the financial level. So the solution must be found out by one and all jointly, for the benefit of the mankind and the coming generations.

Climate change knowledge is complex, diverse and hence ‘Knowledge Brokerage’ for climate change is important. Knowledge brokering is about bringing people together, to help them build relationships, uncover needs, and share ideas and evidence that will let them do their jobs better. It is the human force that makes knowledge transfer (the movement of knowledge from one place or group of people to another) more effective.

Knowledge brokerage can be used for:

  • Sharing knowledge with decision makers and stakeholders at all levels.
  • Addressing the complexities and uncertainties around climate change.
  • Making sense of the different perspectives on climate change.
  • Communicating clearly amongst stakeholders.

We as Indians must face this problem of Climate Change & Global Warming by two approaches -

  1. Mitigation
  2. Adaptation


Mitigation is to research / find new ways & techniques that will take care of the climate change problems, whereas Adaptation is to change ourselves & align our life style according to the environmental / climate changes.
These two strategies will certainly help us overcome this complicated problem to maximum extent.
Many practical ideas at local levels, affordable to each one viz.

  • Minimize the use of Petrol / Diesel vehicles & use of Cycle wherever possible.
  • Use of Public Transport / Car pooling
  • Use of Green / Renewable energy wherever possible.
  • Optimum use of Air Conditioners & optimum temperatures.
  • In every action use ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ strategy & also ‘Research’ for new ideas / ways to replace conventional procedures.

And last but not the least,
Simply put ‘Environment First’ i.e. in your every action.

Let’s all Pray and Hope to Long Live this Earth.